SPOTTED: Beyonce and Jay-Z at Erica Reid’s Book Launch!


Ok I am very convinced now that Beyonce did have Blue because her husband is so into her. As I said in my previous blog about the power couple, she gave him a gift (which is the baby) and he is appreciative. I love these two and there is nothing like seeing a man who is in love…

It’s great to see their relationship flourish. People give so much in the beginning of a relationship that they lose their umph as the years go by. It’s good to take your time and keep it fresh. Don’t give too much (like babies) too fast…

Go Beyonce!!!

Love: Pilar Sanders: The Pretty Girl & Her Ego When Moving On!

Dear Diary,

*I don’t know Pilar, Deion, or Tracey so this blog entry is based on assumption and not fact!

Today was a crazy day on Twitter. Hell, when is there ever not a crazy day on Twitter? People are for sure losing their mind online and the main people who are bugging out is these damn celebrities. Well, these semi celebrities.

Football Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, posted tweets along with pictures stating that his estranged ex–wife Pilar Sanders (who I think he still isn’t legally divorced from), had attacked him and that he was pressing charges and sending her ass to jail. When I heard this, all I could think was damn, another pretty girl bites the dust.

What is the dust?

Well the dust is when a girl and her man breaks up and he moves on a little faster than she expected. We women hate to admit this to men but we don’t like for them to move on before we do. Hey, I think that is people in general. We want to seem like the ones who are popping and who moved on with our lives first.

Everyone looks at Pilar as such a sex symbol and expected for her to move on with her life rather quickly but that is not the case in this situation. Pilar isn’t handling the divorce very well because she was tricked into the divorce. She was the one going around telling the media that she was going to file for divorce first; Deion must have found out and convinced her to stay only to REALLY file for divorce a little bit later. That action threw Pilar for a loop and made her feel very crazy.

Now the dust is the female’s ego. Whether you are cute or not, everyone woman has a ego and they don’t want their feelings to be played with no matter what. Pilar knew that Deion was getting it popping with Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey. She even placed that she wanted Tracey to take the stand in their divorce trial as one of Deion’s mistresses. Now Pilar is no saint herself; I heard rumors that she was getting it on and popping with a rapper/mogul while she was still married (but you didn’t hear that from me) but she never got sloppy and let her ish hang all out. Note: A lady never gets sloppy. She cleans up her mess after she is done (literally).

What drove Pilar over the edge is the fact that now Deion (once again one step ahead of her) has decided to go public with his affections for Tracey. Now I don’t know if Tracey and Deion was getting it on and popping while he was with Pilar but knowing what I know about men, my guess would be yes. I say this because Tracey shouldn’t be so happy to go on the red carpet with a man who is still legally married. Like I tell all my male friends who are separated who want me to hook them up with my single friends: “Separated is still married; call me when you get a divorce.” Pilar is shocked and appalled that Deion would bring her out in public. She felt like it was a smack in her face and it really hurt her ego and that is why she reacted the way she has did (which is with violence).

Granted Tracey is not as pretty as Pilar, but she has one thing Pilar doesn’t have and that is work ethic a.k.a a CAREER. Tracey is what we call a Boss Chick. She has been making moves on her own since for ever. Pilar claims that Deion never allowed her to work so I guess it comes in deep shock to her that he is now open like a token for a chick who works hard and has her own “name”. I believe Pilar misunderstood what Deion was saying. He claimed he didn’t want a reality show chick who hosted club parties as his wife. Tracey has not yet to appear on a janky ass reality show or host a club party and I don’t believe she would in the future.

Pilar has to do what I am telling women to do in my next book and that is “take your L like a real chick.” You can beat love into a man who doesn’t wants to be with you. I know this because back in 2005, me and the “love of my life” broke up and he moved on and wifed some Spanish chick in the Bronx up. I broke into his Sprint PCS phone and saw all the messages he wrote to her and I threw up in my mouth. He was calling her ass ‘princess’ and shit. Hell, he ain’t never call me a princess, LOL.

One night I called his phone to speak to him about how I was feeling and he happily said, “you broke up with me and I decided to move on. So take it for what it is.” Me being a crazy ass 21-year-old, Brooklyn chick, I decided to put on my green Juicy sweatsuit and walk over his house to start an argument. Needless to say he dissed me and closed the door in my face. I was very embarrassed because the whole ‘hood was outside, so my dumb ass decides to punch in his door. After I punched in the door, I fall on a sheet of ice that was on his stoop and my whole ass falls out of the sweatpants. Yes, I forgot to put panties on. SMH.

Needless to say, I moved on after that situation and realized that no dude was worth me going that hard for. He didn’t want me back and he made that very clear (Crystal). He moved on and didn’t owe me anything. I think as women we believe that men belong to us even after we break up but really that is not the case. When it’s over, it’s over. Pilar should never had fought him with her hand, fight him with his pocket. Deion showing up on the red carpet with Tracey would have been the proof Pilar needed to show the court that he was unfaithful during their marriage and that would have helped her get more money in her divorce settlement. Instead she played herself like a bird and put him a position of power to now make her look mentally unstable and like a bad parent (if she did do the things he accused her of doing in front of their children).

See this is the advantage the WG (white girl) would always have over us BG (black girls) and that is we fight with our hearts and not our minds. Now her pretty ass and her ego is going to the big house. My only advice to Pilar now is…

Don’t Drop the Soap!

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Love: The True Meaning of the Song, “Love on Top”, by Beyonce!

I have never met Beyonce or Jay-Z so this entry here is off of just pure opinion and the things that I have witnessed over the years by watching this power couple. I remember back when I had just finished High School, rumors were swirling that Beyonce and Jay-Z were a couple. Back then that was just the craziest ish in the world. Jay-Z was such an asshole and a playa and I couldn’t understand how a “nice girl” like Beyonce could even talk to him. I was so against this relationship, lol.

As time moved on, I started to see them on vacation and with each picture I saw him gradually become more and more comfortable with the thought of being in love. Once I saw this real Brooklyn dude rock open toe sandals on the beach, I said, she got him.

Many years later, Beyonce performs this song “Love on Top” on the MTV Music Awards, and I can’t lie, it touched me when she was performing it because she went innnnnnnnn. I instantly fell in love with the song. For that was a great moment for pop culture and fans a like who watched this couple flourish. Hell, I told my girls, she should rub her stomach at the end to really make people sick and in true virgo fashion, she did it at the end of the performance. I watched Jay-Z salute his woman and thought…damn Beyonce has the life.

Now that I have been in my own relationship for years and I do this love thing as a career, I understand what makes Jay-Z and Bey’s relationship so great…It’s not the money or the fame or the power (because there are many wealthy people together)…It’s what they put into each other…which is time!

Time is something that many of us women don’t respect but what most real dudes live by. They could date a woman for years and not be in love with her and she can know this and stick it out. Her friends will laugh at her and her mother will tell her to leave him and she stays because he is doing enough for her to be able to see the big picture of their romantic love affair.

I believe that Beyonce was one of those women. She is a virgo and the one thing us virgoes do is stick it out for the long term when we fall in love. We are not for the bullcrap; if we meet and date you and you make us feel a way we have never felt before, we are on you like white on rice. So Beyonce met and fell in love with Jay-Z and made a promise to herself that she wasn’t letting him go. Yes, “she fought through her tears.”

So the song “Love on Top” is about the moment she realized that Jay-Z felt the way that she did. He began to treat her like the Queen she had always imagined and decided to put her on top (“You’re the one that always call”) of everything even his image and his career as a rapper/mogul.

Maybe it was something he said but my guess was it was in his mannerisms and in the way he let his guard down. Beyonce had that baby (whether you think she had it or not) because she knew like what my father always told us, a marriage isn’t a marriage until you have a baby. She knew that having Blue would complete their family structure as man and wife. She also had that baby to show Jay-Z that she was willing to sacrifice her career and her image as a sex kitten to complete their legacy. I know this because I have no children and I when I do, I believe that me having a child would be the gift I give to my man for being so damn wonderful (a baby is a gift to a man because he can’t push out a child).

Having a child for a business woman is a very big thing. Babies change the dynamics of a relationship; now you can’t just get up and leave and do whatever because now you two have created something that you can’t see someone else raise. You created greatness; a formula that could never be created again with another person.

I know Jay-Z is a different man and put her love on top because Beyonce walks out the house now not matching and he still be on her like flies to shit. Look back at Beyonce’s old photos with Jay Z; you would never see Beyonce walking around looking untidy. She no longer has to front for the world and put on the best threads anymore because Jay let’s her know that she is that bish with or without all the glamour (but watch it Bey, don’t have that baby and get all comfortable).

Also, He no longer walks ten steps in front of her but help her across the street. Back in the days, Beyonce will walk all the way behind him and Jay would allow for the security to make sure his lady didn’t stumble in those heels.


He realizes now that being in love and putting her love on top doesn’t make him a punk but a real man. A real man is his woman’s first bodyguard. I learned this from many days of walking outside with my man (during the reality show hay day) and he protecting me from certain situations like when a woman came up to me and kept hitting my arm. He gladly told her to back her ass up.


In the end of the day, nothing is better than when a man feels the way you feel and does the things you always imagined he would do for you. In any relationship, if you want greatness you have to put in the real time and energy into it. You have to make the decisions as individuals to take the time and get to know each other; allow him to learn your likes and your dislikes. Trust him enough to tell him your dreams and just don’t believe stuff based on words but on actions because no matter how much patience Beyonce had, Jay-Z had to show her that there was something to wait for.

He finally put her love on top of his own needs or wants because he saw that she was something worthy of MORE. A real dude knows your worth and knows that his life wouldn’t be it’s best if he didn’t have you along with him riding through it. This is where you want your man…This is how you want him to feel but unfortunately that take some time; it doesn’t happen over night.

So remember, everyone wants a Jay-Z but everyone is not a Beyonce. Work on your self-worth and everything will work out for you in this love thing. He will put your love top when you put your OWN love on top.

Go Beyonce!

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